Cortex-Pro was recently reviewed in the journal BINARY. Take a look!

Cortex-Pro is a general purpose neural network simulation environment. It can run anything from standard network types to the most exotic new algorithms.

Cortex-Pro can easily handle recurrent nets, biological simulations, RAM-based nodes, spike trains, genetic algorithms, time series and more...

Cortex-Pro has been used for both academic and industrial research in many disciplines, from biology to engineering.

Rapid Development: The Cortex-Pro language facilitates the rapid construction, debugging and training of networks. With its own built-in editor, Cortex-Pro is self-contained, so all of this can be done without leaving the package.

Flexibility: You can extend Cortex-Pro, by adding your own algorithms and network types. The capability of expansion is fundamental to the design of Cortex- Pro, and the ease with which you can extend it has to be seen to be believed.

Control: Cortex-Pro is driven by a powerful interpreted neural network language giving you an unrivalled degree of control over your simulations.

Power: The Cortex-Pro language features for-next, do-until, while-endwhile, if-else-endif, multi-dimensional arrays, subroutines and functions.

Graphics: The Cortex-Pro language has general graphics commands for creating pictures and diagrams associated with your networks.

Diagnostics: Cortex-Pro provides mouse controlled network probes, giving you detailed insight into the internal states of your network.

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Screen shots: Take a look at some screen shots of Cortex-Pro in action.

Brochure: Where to get your colour brochure and free demonstration disk.

Download Demonstration: Download a self-extracting DOS archive of the demonstration disk.

The Professional Neural Network Development Environment