The Go programmers hall of fame!

The Go programmers hall of fame!

Chen Zhixing from China. Author of Goemate (previously known as Handtalk)

Michael Reiss from England. Author of Go++ (previously Go4++)

Ryuichi Kawa from Japan. Author of Haruka.

Ken Chen from USA. Author of Go Intellect.

David Fotland from USA. Author of Many Faces of Go.

Shin Sonho and Jo Sonfa (not sure about spelling) from North Korea. Authors of KCC Igo.

Mark Boon from Holland. Author of Goliath

Park Yong Goo from South Korea. Author of Fungo.

The Wulu team from China. Clockwise from left:
Lu Jinqiang, 5 dan go player, interface programmer.
Li Zhihua, 5 dan go player, assistant programmer (wrote the joseki library and the arrays).
Lei Xiuyu, a former professional go player, main engine programmer.
Chen Guobao (Chen Zhixing's daughter), engine programmer.

Hiroshi Yamashita from Japan. Author of AYA. He is also a one time computer Shogi world champion.

Sei Shin-ichi from Japan. Author of Katsunari.

Martin Müller from Austria. Author of Explorer.

Bruce Wilcox form USA. Author of Super Ego, previously known as Nemesis. Bruce is one of the early pioneers of computer go.

Thomas Wolf from Germany. Author of GoTools, considered by many to be the worlds strongest "tsume-Go" program.

A selection of European Go programmers. Left to right: Tanguy Urvoy (GnuGo), Wojciech Wieczorek (GoSymier), Peter Woitke (GoAhead), Joachim Pimiskern (Augos), Arnoud van der Loeff (TurboGo), Ivo Tonkes (TS-Go).

Left: Anders Kierulf, USA (SmartGo) Right: Daniel Bump, USA (GnuGo).

Markus Enzenberger from Germany. Author of NeuroGo, one of the very few successful neural network based go programs.

David Benson. Not actually a go programmer, but I have included him here because he wrote possibly the most famous computer go paper, namely "Life in the game of go" published in 1976 which gives a detailed analysis of the conditions under which a group of stones is unconditionally alive.

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